Cryotherapy Advantage is a recovery and rejuvenation center dedicated to help people feel and be their best. We offer treatments to help your body recover in a relaxing environment. At Cryotherapy Advantage, we offer Whole Body Cryotherapy, Compression Therapy and Cryoskin. We welcome individuals of all disciplines looking to improve how their body feels. We have made it our goal to offer a relaxing atmosphere for athletes looking for recovery, for stay at home mom’s looking for an energy boost and everything in between. 

Meet The Team


Hayley Peters

Hayley, our Operations Manager, is a Pittsburgh native who has fallen in love with the hustle and bustle of NOVA. A long time member of PR Star Fitness, Hayley enjoys working out with friends and then jumping in the Cryo Chamber to recover! She enjoys spending her weekends with her husband Joel, newborn Kendrick and their chocolate labrador, Matilda. 


Gabi Morrison

Gabi, our Cryotherapy Technician and Anti-Aging Facial Guru is committed to sharing how to care for your mind and body! She is passionate about health and fitness and is currently getting her Masters Degree in Graphic Design. 


Espie Heymann-Claros

Espie, is our new cryotherapy technician! She has lived the majority of her life in centreville and has participated in sports since a young age, even earning a black belt in taekwondo. Espie is currently studying at Northern Virginia Community College with the intent of transferring to GMU and seeking her masters degree in Criminology. She enjoys spending time with family, reading, singing, watching crime shows and the beach. 


Ryan & Rachel Cage

Ryan and Rachel Cage, owners of Cryotherapy Advantage, are both local to NOVA. Ryan had a few careers before deciding to put his love of fitness and health into a career and opened PR Star Fitness in 2012. Rachel, using her business and accounting experience, helped make this dream a reality. After being in the world of fitness, they realized how undervalued recovery was with many people. Ryan began searching to find his own recovery methods when he stumbled upon whole body cryotherapy. After a lot of research and a little convincing of Rachel, they decided to open Cryotherapy Advantage to become THE place for athletic recovery. Being able to provide a relaxing and state of art facility where people can take their wellness and recovery into their own hands has been a dream come true. In their free time, they enjoy spending time with their three children, traveling, and hiking.