WBC First Timer!

My 3 minute experience at -220F.

I’ve always heard that it is important to recover your body after an intense workout. After completing whole body circuits as part of my daily workout routine, I find myself sore and tense. My normal recovery methods of stretching post workout were not enough to ease my aching muscles. Working at Cryotherapy Advantage, I had the opportunity to try out for Whole Body Cryotherapy for the first time. While I had read about the many benefits of Cryotherapy and seen videos online, I had not previously tried it. I am not going to lie, I was definitely intimidated after seeing the futuristic looking chamber and the screen flashing -220 F. I began wondering how it was even possible to be exposed to that amount of cold for 3 minutes and questioning how I would survive since I was already complaining of the cold weather that day. But I knew that the benefits were there and surely my new coworkers wouldn’t stear my down the wrong path, right?

After a quick rundown of the safety procedures I anxiously put on my gloves, socks, and the fuzziest/warmest looking slippers. I rang the doorbell to signal that I was ready upon which Meredith and Hayley excitedly entered the room. They opened the door and led me into the chamber, I could immediately feel that the temperature was dramatically colder. Once the machine started, I could hear and feel the pumping of the nitrogen, filling the space around me.  As the temperature continued to drop, I felt all of the blood rushing from my extremities to the core of my body. Naturally, I began to shiver which they assured me was normal. I also felt that the parts of my body that hold the most pain, particularly my sore legs were getting colder. In the last thirty seconds I felt as though I had been in there for a lifetime, but we chatted about my new role at Cryotherapy Advantage and my plans for the weekend which made the time pass faster. Once the session was over I hopped out of there as fast as I could and immediately began to feel my blood flowing back to my extremities bringing a warm tingling sensation. I no longer felt exposed to the frigid temperature and my body continued to warm up. A rush of energy consumed my body, leaving me exhilarated and proud. I survived and was loving how I felt! I couldn’t feel any pain or soreness despite my killer workout the day before. I was excited to share my experience with my family and friends! There is no need to struggle through muscle soreness any longer, in just 3 minutes I can give my body what it needs. With the help of Whole Body Cryotherapy, I found it easy to bring my muscles, joints and blood pumping again. I can’t wait to help clients recover from muscle soreness, injuries, and chronic pain.

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