Magical Cryo Facials!

As you may have seen, this month we added additional services to our repertoire with the delivery of our Cryo T Elephant, aka Cryotherapy using a magical wand! The best thing about our new machine, is that we can offer localized cryotherapy for nagging injuries on specific areas AND provide Cryo Facials. Though I’m thrilled that our new machine can offer many options, let’s talk cryo facials, because I’m OBSESSED!

If you have been in the office the past 2 months, you have probably heard Meredith and I raving about Cryo Facials. While we know the many incredible benefits Cryotherapy has to offer, we did not anticipate just how glorious our skin would feel after only ONE session! So ladies and gents (because everyone deserves fabulous skin), listen up and get ready to book an appointment with us for a Cryo facial!

Using the same principles of Whole Body Cryotherapy, we cool your skin with a vaporized form of liquid nitrogen. As your skin cools, the blood vessels in your face constrict and dilate which flushes toxins and impurities out and boosts the supply of oxygen in your skin. This technology can reduce acne, minimize wrinkles, and increase collagen production. I mean what more could you want after hearing minimize wrinkle?! Well it gets even better. Additional benefits can include increased firmness, decreased pigmentation and uneven skin tone, reduced inflammation, and revitalized fatigued skin. What I loved the most after just one, 15 minute session, was how much brighter and radiant my skin appeared. I felt like I was walking around with the “pretty filter” from Snapchat on my face.

Cryo Facials are a cost effective and much less invasive option for cosmetic treatments. Plus it is pain free (minus the occasional brain freeze) and relaxing! So treat yourself to a Cryo Facial, we will provide the cozy heated blanket, soothing music, and magical wand.



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