“It’s WINTER. Do I really need to continue my Cryotherapy treatments when it’s this cold out?”

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually more important to stay active during the winter months than any other time of year. At the first signs of cold, many people are known to get the “snuggle up” mentality. We eat more. We do less.


Yes it’s true, in the winter months we are more prone to injuries outside from slips and falls, but during this time we are also more prone to flus and other illnesses, heart attacks, depression, weight gain, muscle cramps, and those nasty body aches from shoveling all that snow and chipping away at all that ice on our car windshields;

But there is a way to beat the winter blues. WHOLE BODY CRYOTHERAPY.

During the holiday season – let’s face it – you booze more. You’re lazier. You eat as many holiday treats as your heart desires with no regard for toll it takes on your body. Naturally, you put on weight. You’re less active because of the temperatures outside. You can’t bike your favorite trails or run your favorite roads for fear of black ice. I hear that. I understand. But with less time outdoors, that equals less time in the sun. SEASONAL MOOD DISORDER. Ever heard of it? With less sun, less activity, high sugar foods – we get GRUMPY.

Whole Body Cryotherapy can help provide relief to the numerous problems we face during the next several winter months ahead – all in a short 3 minute time frame.

Regular Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions in the winter can:

  • Increase your metabolic rate, which simply put, means you burn more calories.
  • Can provide relief from sprains, fractures, and breaks from those nasty slips and falls.
  • Boosts your overall mood! Hello Happy!
  • Boosts your immune system, preventing nasty illnesses like the flu or common cold.
  • Boost energy (I’m looking at you snow plow drivers – long nights, low sleep)
  • Reduce back pain (from shoveling all that snow off your driveway)
  • Help detox your body from all that eggnog you’ve been chugging.

Winter might not be your favorite month, but Whole Body Cryotherapy just might be able to help change your views on it this season!




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