How Cryotherapy can improve your sleep!

How Whole Body Cryotherapy Helps You Sleep Better
11/19/18 By Meredith

Did you know that cryotherapy also benefits you while you sleep? One of the greatest benefits that you can derive from whole body cryotherapy is improvement in sleep quality. On days that I utilize Whole Body Cryotherapy, I get the best night’s sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed and tend to never hit my snooze button. Here’s a look at some of the benefits that whole body cryotherapy has for helping you to get a good night’s rest.

Benefits of Sleep and Cryotherapy
If you are having trouble sleeping because of any kind of pain, inflammation, or soreness in the body, cryotherapy will help ease pain while you sleep. Exposing your body to extremely cold temperatures in the whole body cryotherapy chamber will help diffuse inflammation and pain in the body, which will make you less restless while you sleep at night.
Cryotherapy can also benefit your sleep patterns because it creates positive hormone responses in your body. When your body is exposed to the extremely cold temperatures in whole body cryotherapy, your body produces hormones that are directly related to sleep and relaxation.
The intense sensation of cold will trigger your body to release the endorphin norepinephrine, which helps you feel relaxed. This also acts as a mild sedative to help relax you and, in turn, help you get better sleep at night. And who doesn’t like a better nights sleep? It also affects your mood, level of energy, ability to focus, and your sleep-wake cycles.

How your body directly responds to the intense exposure to cold temperatures causes your body to physically and mentally relax. This positive endorphin and chemical response of your brain will help reduce pain and inflammation, and will also help you clear your head and keep your mind from wandering so that you can sleep more soundly at night.

Moving Forward With Cryotherapy
The best aspect of cryotherapy is that it is a totally natural way to relax and put your body and mind at ease for better sleep quality. Let us help you feel the difference and sleep better at Cryotherapy Advantage!

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