3 Sessions and the New Client Special

You booked your appointment, you’re ready to experience the healing capabilities of Whole Body Cryotherapy. So what happens to you in those first 3 sessions of Cryotherapy? Glad you asked.

Session One: The Rookie – or what I like to call – “The Shock and Awe”
In your first session, everything is new. You walk in not knowing much except for what you’ve seen on Social Media (which is usually your favorite athlete or celebrity indulging in it) or from what you’ve heard from friends, doctors, or podcasts (See Tony Robbins).

I sit you down, take your blood pressure, and get you accustomed to everything we will be doing throughout the session. Before you know it – IT’S TIME TO CHILL. People hear me say “I will now have you step inside the chamber and begin the recovery process where it will get down to around -220 degrees” and they begin to panic a little. EVERYTHING IS FINE. You’re so focused on the newness and the sensation of it all that the session is completed before you know it. (Roughly 2 to 3 minutes depending on the individual)

After the first session: Endorphins will be running high. Freshly oxygenated blood begins circulating throughout your body. You may feel more tired than normal that first evening after your session (that was my own personal experience as well). Some pain and inflammation may have dissipated.

Session Two: Now You Know What To Expect
When you return for your second session, you’re no longer in shock. You know what to expect and you go in determined to make it the full 3 minutes this time.

After the second session: Energy levels are boosted. Inflamed muscles and joints are feeling better and better due to the reduction of cytokines in the body.

Session Three: Handling It Like A Pro
By the third session, you’re accustomed to the therapy process. You should still be feeling relief from your previous sessions. Sleep patterns should be more normalized and mood and overall body condition should be feeling slightly better.

After the third session: By the third session, you should have noticed changes in your mood, pain levels, and the overall state of your body. Sleep patterns should be more regular, with deeper levels of rest. Areas of specific injury should be feeling less inflamed with more mobility. Endorphin levels should be higher, equating to a better overall mood throughout the day. Even by the third session, you will be feeling a majority of the benefits, but not all of them. In order to reach the maximum level of benefits, you will need to continue utilizing Cryotherapy.

With that being said, everybody is different. Every person is different. Our goals and injuries are all different. I have seen clients who have felt major relief right after the first session, and some who didn’t see relief until the third. The key is to keep at it. To allow yourself to trust the process. When we have serious injuries and ailments, all we want is a quick fix, but that’s not always what’s best for our bodies. Your body has it’s own natural rhythm, and it’s own way of healing.

-Elena Horton

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